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Vinlake Nestles

In addition to privacy, relaxation and fun, Vinlake living also offers opportunities for you and your family to stay fit. By living at Vinlake you can take part in fun ways to exercise such as boating, fishing rowing, swimming etc. – even jumping into the water can provide you with a healthy dose of fitness. While you are in Vinlake you can catch mussels and fishes by yourself and prepare them here. Vinlake is a location that best fits your needs. Just like certain areas of town have their own personalities, certain areas on the lake also have unique qualities. Some areas may be quieter and less traveled, while others may have frequent traffic with more activity. Either way, living on Vinlake will present you with more opportunities for privacy, relaxation and entertainment than you could have ever hoped for.


Look out from Vinlake to see the beautiful view of the lake can put anyone’s stresses at ease. The sound of water can be extremely soothing, and soaking in the cool lake can be quite refreshing. You can start your day off right with an invigorating sunrise, or wash away your daily stresses with a peaceful sunset. Either way, the relaxing benefits to living on Vinlake are endless.


There are many opportunities to live on the lake, especially in Vinlake, whether you are looking for a calming place to unwind after a hectic day at work or a fun dwelling where you can entertain yourself during a warm summer day, Vinlake living may be the ideal location for you. And Vinlake living will proves beneficial to Your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

When you come to Vinlake you never feel this place is for yourself alone, you can meet insects, birds, provided by nature, and you can meet rare spacious of cows [ Vechoor and Kasargode dwarf]

Exhibit of around 400 types of medicinal plants available at Vinlake Nestles.

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